Cyber Action Team

In an age filled with exploitation of the innocent via the world wide web, the FBI has struggled to remain one step ahead of criminals from around the globe. They were behind the curve in anticipating some of the early possibilities that arrived with the advent of the Internet, but they are getting a jump on what they see as a looming threat: Internet related murder.
No, a killer cannot reach through the cyber world to grasp the throat of a victim; however the web has become the perfect breeding ground for new kinds of killers: the exhibitionists, the stalkers, the avengers. Hits can be arranged over cyberspace. Killer and prey can meet in any anonymous chat room. Kidnapping victims can be murdered while their loved ones watch in horror via streaming video.

This time, the FBI is determined to get a leg up on the crimes before they are overwhelmed by them. To that end, some key members of the other CAT’s, as well as a few top agents from other departments, have been brought together into a new team. Led by the smooth and unflappable Wyatt Blackstone, the team has been nicknamed the Black CATS, both because of his name and the dark intensity of the cases on which they work.

Blackstone has his work cut out for him in trying to meld the experienced team into a cohesive unit…not easy to do when there are so many personalities from varying backgrounds in the mix. From the tough former street cop out to stop the man auctioning off means of death at a playground for deviants, to a brilliant profiler trying to get inside the head of a brutal serial killer dubbed the Professor, to a team member terrorized by a sick online predator, Blackstone has to fight not only to solve crimes but also teach his team to move as smoothly and effortlessly as…well, a black cat.

In the meantime, there are individual cases to solve and the team has to act quickly. Because while this unexplored area of law enforcement is new to them, it’s not new to criminals. There are killers out there watching…victims out there waiting. And the Black CATs are the only thing standing between them.

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